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SignalVine Gets Even Better For 2017-2018

banner-720x90 SignalVine Gets Even Better For 2017-2018SignalVine Adds Two Educator Centric Features Ahead Of EDUCAUSE.

signalvine-newfeatures-top SignalVine Gets Even Better For 2017-2018The 2017-2018 academic year is underway and SignalVine continues to sweep across the country adding more and more college campuses. Faculty, administrators and students love their easy to use texting platform.

SignalVine is a campus communication, texting platform that’s both easy to use, and feature packed.

Signal Vine’s intuitive platform makes it easy to build authentic relationships with students through two-way, personalized text messages. Texts are targeted to students based on existing student data – GPA, FAFSA status, major, etc. – to remind students about important upcoming deadlines and support them throughout their pursuit of a degree. Staff use Signal Vine’s blended messagingTM capabilities to pre-program messages into a calendar for scheduled automation, automate replies using machine learning and respond one-on-one to students through the platform, based on specific stude

SignalVine does one thing, and they do it very well, and that’s scalable, mass texting. The SignalVine platform is helping college campuses across the U.S. with:

  • Admissions and Enrollment. Quickly send reminder updates to prospective students with application deadlines. Communicate with current students about tuition expenses and other important matters.
  • Enterprise Communications System: securely oversee student and staff conversations campus wide, department and campus wide communication, coordinating case loads by department, program or staff member.
  • Advising and Retention: Instructors can quickly answer students questions, even schedule and remind students about upcoming advising appointments.
  • Financial Aid: Students and Faculty can use SignalVine to connect students with financial aid offices and give them reminders about important dates coming up
  • Campus Wide Emergency Communications: SignalVine can be used to quickly reach the entire campus, students and faculty in case of an emergency situation like a lock down or even a non-emergency situation like a power outage at a campus building.

Now SignalVine has added two more faculty focused features to make sure that instructors, professors, and administrators are getting the most out of the app.

The new Quick Message feature saves staff time by making it easy to send a personalized message to selected students and groups. The addition of the Signal Support Center to the Signal Vine platform provides users with the first-ever knowledge base built into the Signal Vine platform, complete with video guides, step-by-step tutorials, and frequently asked questions.

“With a nationwide counselor-to-student ratio of one to 450, institutions must invest in technology solutions that help them build real relationships with students. Now more than ever, texting is that solution,” said Signal Vine CEO Brian Kathman said in a statement. “By adding Quick Message and the Signal Support Center to the Signal Vine platform, our higher ed partners have even more tools to elevate their student support and engagement efforts.”

Since its start in 2013, Signal Vine and its customers have used the blended messagingTM platform to achieve high-impact student outcomes, including an 11 percent increase in matriculation and a 20 percent improvement in persistence. With the communication tools needed to build and sustain meaningful relationships with students to and through their journey to a degree, Signal Vine’s hundreds of higher education partners help even more students matriculate to college, stay involved and informed, and persist beyond their first year.

Check out SignalVine here at signalvine.com and in person at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3rd, booth #642

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