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Holiday Wish List: The Meater

meater-TOP Holiday Wish List: The MeaterPut This Wireless Connected Meat Thermometer On Your Holiday Wish List

It used to be voodoo to give a kitchen or cleaning appliance as a gift for a loved one. A meat thermometer may change your mind about that.

Meet Meater a new, wireless, connected, smart thermometer.

Imagine being able to cook your favorite cut of meat in the oven, on the stove top or on the grill and have it come out cooked to perfection. Imagine if your favorite ribeye or porterhouse came out as done and as savory as Ruth’s Chris or Fleming’s. Well imagine no more.

Meater is a smart meat thermometer. It’s digital and there are no unsightly wires pertruding from your steak and your grill.

Meater uses a proprietary technology grounded in two sensors instead of one. One sensor is monitoring the temperature inside the meat while the other one monitors the temperature outside of the meat.  This means you won’t be stuck with the thermometer telling you the steak is perfect just to cut into it and find either blood or charcoal.

You don’t have to be a baron of the barbecue to cook the greatest meat anymore in fact you don’t need much experience at all. The Meater and it’s connected app will have you cooking the perfect cuts of meat in minutes.

The Meater app is chock full of great features like:

  • Smart Cook Guide
  • Custom Cooks (set it and forget it)
  • Finish time estimator
  • Resting time estimator
  • Intelligent cooking
  • Previous cook settings (every cook in your home can have their own settings)

Whether your husband or wife, sister or brother, Mom or dad, or neighbor down the street is the meat cooker for your backyard barbecue the Meater is the perfect holiday gift.

Mouth watering already? Check out the Meater here at