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Personal and Neighborhood Security For Just $9 And A Bad Ass Game Of Thrones Video

Fynoti Is The New, Easy To Use, Personal and Neighborhood Security System, So Amazing That Game Of Throne’s “The Mountain” Is In Their Video.

A company called Fynoti from Denmark is bringing a remarkable home, personal and neighborhood security system to market for just $9. That’s less than the cost of one month of ADT service. Heck you can’t even get a decent, small, set of Lego’s for $9. But what you can get is, peace of mind and security.

Fynoti is a small, connected, app controlled security device. It features a really good motion detector and no buttons at all. Basically, you throw the batteries inside the Fynoti and voila it’s done. This whole process could take 20 seconds, tops.  After you have the batteries installed, you just set it at the best vantage point in your home. If you live in a small apartment you only need one, but you can use as many as you would like and at $9 a piece you can put them in every room in your house.

The Fynoti’s network together creating the app controlled alarm system. When you get home you use the app and you can turn them all off. Or, when it’s bed time, you can turn the Fynotis in every room but your bedroom on, the same way you can with a traditional alarm system that sets you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

fynoti-thor Personal and Neighborhood Security For Just $9 And A Bad Ass Game Of Thrones Video

Game of Throne’s, Thor Bjornsson, “The Mountain ” next to Fynoti the $9 personal security device (source: YouTube)

This is where it gets really cool.

Not only can you network your Fynoti’s together. Neighbors with Fynoti’s can join your app network and when your Fynoti alarm goes off they will get notified and vice versa. It’s much more quicker for your neighbor upstairs to check on your home then the police. And again at $9 a piece you can even buy your neighbors a few.

Fynoti’s app based system also has a panic button. So, if you’ve fallen and can’t get up, rather than screaming you can just hit the panic button on your Fynoti app and one of your neighbors can arrive instantly. If you’re lucky enough to be the gentleman in the video, that neighbor may just bey Game of Throne’s Thor Bjornsson, “The Mountain”.

Naturally at just $9 and with a killer video, Fynoti is over-funded on Indiegogo but you can still head over there now to pre-order your Fynoti, or five. If you haven’t watched the video above, we highly, highly, suggest you do.

  • Þröstur M Sveinsson

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for the article, it’s my favorite on Fynoti so far! 😀

    Best Regards,
    Throstur – Co-Founder of Fynoti

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