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Teachers Spend Their Own Money Educating [Infographic]

teacher-spending-top Teachers Spend Their Own Money Educating [Infographic]The Buying Power Of Teachers In An Infographic


Teaching is not an easy job. Typically one adult is responsible for anywhere from 18-40 children, every single day, 180 days out of the year. They grow with these children, teach these children and even learn from them. When most teachers start teaching they enter their classroom with the hand they are dealt. Typically, that’s not enough.

Most schools support their teachers in any way they can. They provide computers, desks, chairs, white boards, maybe smart boards, perhaps tablets and other components of the “teaching infrastructure”.  Good teachers want what’s best for their students, and that often means reaching into their wallets and spending their own money. Keep in mind that in many cities teachers get paid less than garbage workers or the parks and rec staff. That’s just the harsh reality.

Depending on where you look the average amount of personal money teacher’s spend on teaching their kids is between $500-$1000. Many sites and surveys peg that number at $600 and this is before teachers foot their own bills for conferences and professional development.

Agile Education Marketing has compiled the infographic below, highlighting teacher spending. According to their sample 71% of teachers spend $200 or more on classroom supplies and instructional materials. Many teachers that we’ve spoken with started by trying to get reimbursement from their front office, but that effort became fruitless. They would also go through proper channels and put in a purchase request for items but often got denied, so they take matters into their own hands. I see hundreds of teacher nodding their  heads in agreement.

According to the infographic the average amount spent in the Agile Ed sample is $490, again that’s without taking into consideration professional development and conferences which at the end of the day also supports their students.

Check out the infographic below and for more information visit agile-ed here. 

what-teachers-spend-agile-ed Teachers Spend Their Own Money Educating [Infographic]