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Australian EdTech Startup Raises $2M To Fuel US Expansion

Melbourne Startup Behind Verso App Closes $2M Round

verso-top Australian EdTech Startup Raises $2M To Fuel US Expansion

Ask one of the tens of thousands of US teachers that use the Verso App and they probably wouldn’t know that it was actually an Australian based Startup.

The company, founded in Melbourne Australia by Colin Wood, helps teachers create rich learning content, get students more engaged, plan activities for multiple classes and even allows teachers to collaborate with other teachers. It’s a complete teaching set of teaching tools in a beautifully well designed app.

Smartcompany reports that Verso has raised $2 million dollars in a Series A round, of by Ken Lowe an Australian entrepreneur and the founder of Canberra Data Centres.  The company, which was born out of Wood’s first edtech startup, Learnology, plans to use the funding to capitalize on their foothold in  California, Texas, South Carolina and New Jersey.

“We’re really ramping up what we’re doing in the US — it’s been very much organically grown [so far],” Wood tells StartupSmart.“We want to double down on that and get some full time resources and grow our team on that side of the pacific,” he says.

Verso incubated in an 18 month program with the Victorian Education Department, which also seeded the startup eith $200,000 in innovation funding.  Wood and his team are experiencing the growth of the edtech sector in Australia first hand. They also know how important the US market is to the success of a Verso.

“We’ve flown under the radar in Australia …we always joke our day starts at Tullamarine,” Wood told Smartcompany.  Tullamarine is the airport they use to fly from Melbourne to the US which they just did last week for ISTE 2017

.“We’re looking at the science behind teaching, and how we can best support teachers in the classroom to implement the best strategies that we know have the highest impact.”