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Wonder.Legal To Take On Rocket Lawyer And Legal Zoom

French Startup, Wonder.Legal, Offering Alternative To Rocket Lawyer and Legal Zoom In The U.S.

wonder-legal-top Wonder.Legal To Take On Rocket Lawyer And Legal Zoom

There are plenty of places on the internet that will hook you in when searching for simple legal documents. If you’re looking to incorporate as an LLC, start an operating agreement or get a bill of sale, just do a Google search and you’ll find the document you’re looking for. Many of those sites are importing you into one of the two legal document giants in the United States, Rocket Lawyer and Legal Zoom.

Their tactic is to get you in free with a draft of the document that you need. You’ll enter your credit card information for this free document and then after a free trial period, get billed. The end game is that you likely forgot about this charge and end up paying for that free document in the first place.

Wonder.Legal is a French startup that was founded by Jeremie Eskenazi in 2014. The company offers very inexpensive legal documents on a per document basis rather than a monthly recurring subscription.

Eskenazi got his start in developing templating language which is the backbone to Wonder.Legal. “Jeremie previously ran a UX consulting firm. He developed a templating language and software that allowed him an easy way to create proposals for clients on the spot. One day he was talking to a lawyer friend who helped him see the benefits of how that type of software could be helpful in a legal setting. And thus the idea was born!” a company representative, Tania Hew told us in an interview.

By controlling their own proprietary templating software and using lawyers in the crafting of the templates, Wonder.Legal is able to pass substantial savings onto users. This makes Wonder.Legal a great resource to entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups.

Wonder.Legal told us the benefits they offer in an interview:

  • No monthly commitment – Unlike with the other main paid services (LegalZoom & Rocket Lawyer), no monthly commitment is required to use Wonder.Legal. You only pay for the document you need.
  • Lower prices – Document prices are from $1.99 to $19.99, significantly cheaper on average than the prices on the other paid services (E.g. a Living Will/Advance Health Directive on LegalZoom is $39 compared to $19.99 on Wonder.Legal).
  • Innovative tech – The tech behind the site, specifically the templating language the founder, Jeremie Eskenazi, developed, makes it possible for new documents to be created much faster than the competition and for new languages to be included as well. This also means that Wonder.Legal‘s costs are lower, costs which they’ve passed on to customers in the form of lower prices.
  • User-Friendly – The user interface (UI) is very user-friendly. Jeremie has over a decade of experience in UX consulting and user feedback in other countries is that the UI is the number one reason users love the site.
  • No unnecessary add-ons – you know what document you want, you go on Wonder.Legal, you customize the doc and you receive it right afterwards. Wonder.Legal does not try to upsell you other legal services and perks. is easy to use and easy to find at Wonder.Legal


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