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ISTE 2017: Bring The Greatest Music Score Editor To Your Classroom

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Bring The Greatest Music Score Editor To Your Can Help Teach Your Students To Read and Write Music

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Most teachers today will remember chart topping hit after hit from super producer Scott Storch. They’re probably also familiar with the nonsense music that is backing the latest hits on the radio today. The difference between most of the hip hop and pop producers of today, and producers like Scott Storch, was that Storch was a trained classical pianist. He can read and write music and you could hear it in every track before he decided to blow all his money and run off into oblivion.

You may wonder, why even mention Scott Storch, well I was sitting in a music class in the 1990s and what got through to me was that our high school band teacher went out and got us the sheet music to R.E.M’s Shiny Happy People. We were over learning about the great composers and classical musicians. But the deal our teacher made with us is that we were going to learn to read and write music before performing Shiny Happy People at the spring concert. Game on.

That was a great deal, learn a contemporary song and learn how to read and write music. What we didn’t have was any kind of online anything to help teach us. You see, one of the beautiful things about British startup Flat is that they are an online musical score editor. That means, when implemented in the classroom, instead of one band or music instructor, there’s a 1:1 coach within the software platform itself.

Flat was created by amazing musicians and software people, with equally as awesome names; Corentin Gurtner, Pierre Rannou, Cyril Coutelier, Vincent Giersch.  They created Flat to give an opportunity to composers and musicians to collaborate in real time on sheet music. The platform allows people to write music scores online with other people in real time with a nice and simple music notation editor.

They currently have nearly a million users across 189 countries. Most musicians and composers come for the tools and stay for the community.

Some of Flat’s features include:

  • Smart History: All of the modifications are saved as they’re changed, if you want to go back to a previous notation it’s still there, saving musicians and composers hours of tracking down a change.
  • MIDI composition: Flat features live midi input and output. Users can see, hear, feel and play their composition with a midi device
  • Offline Writing: Composers can write on and offline and when the piece is brought back online, it will automatically sync.
  • Guitar Tabs: Flat easily helps composers tabulate or generate guitar tabs from existing music notation.

On the surface Flat is great for musicians and even better for classrooms. Flat for education brings all of the amazing tools in Flat to the classroom. Students can work solo or collaborate with others, all the while the teacher can stay synced up with each students progress and help them out individually along the way.

Flat for education also makes it possible for all of the students in a class to work on the same piece of music simultaneously. If the teacher has one section of students writing the cello part and another writing trumpet, all the parts will sync up at the same time, right before their very eyes. Flat is also intuitive and easy to set up. Students can be putting their first notes on the screen in less than 10 seconds.

Out of the box, Flat integrates with Google Classroom making it a breeze to save and recall any composition. Then, students can easily share the composition with friends, family and each other.

You can check out Flat for yourself at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #3428 and online at

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