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Vtech Hacked! Millions Of Kids’ Data At Risk

vtech-mobigo-2-touch-learning-system_4 Vtech Hacked! Millions Of Kids' Data At RiskNow well into the 2015 holiday season in America we are casually reminded of the biggest consumer hack in the United States, two years ago at Target. Not only did the Target hack touch tens of millions of customers but it disrupted consumer trust from one of the most trustworthy retail stores in the US. Now, one of the most well known toy brands in the US and abroad has suffered an almost equally horrific hack. The severity, predicated on the trust consumers have in the brand.

VTech, the popular maker of electronic, educational toys for children, suffered a data breach in November.

A suspect, a 21 year old British man, was arrested in Bracknell Berkshire on Tuesday. They say the man is responsible for stealing data from over six million children and five million adults who have accessed the firms Hong Kong based download portal. This portal is where kids access new games, uploads, scores and other content to play on various VTech robots, tablets and computers. The Telegraph reported.

The data breach was wide spread and involved customers across the globe. SEROCU’s Cyber Crime Unit said it had worked closely with partner agencies on the operation which focused on the hacking of applications belonging to VTech.

“A 21-year-old man was arrested today in Bracknell on suspicion of unauthorised access to computer to facilitate the commission of an offence, contrary to Section 2 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and suspicion of causing a computer to perform function to secure/enable unauthorised access to a program/data, contrary to section 1 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990.” Craig Jones the head of the Cyber Crime Unit said; “We are still at the early stages of the investigation and there is still much work to be done. We will continue to work closely with our partners to identify those who commit offences and hold them to account.”

Although Vtech hasn’t released a complete list of the toys and products affected, NBCNews reported earlier this month that the hack the “Learning Lodge” app store and the “VTech Kid Connect” servers. Consumer information, including pictures uploaded by children have all been compromised.