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Need To Scale Faster, These Guys Are Your Pusher

UK Startup Pusher Offers A Variety Of Easy To Implement Developer Tools

pusher-top Need To Scale Faster, These Guys Are Your Pusher

Whether you’re a small new startup or a company as big as the New York Times, when you need real time, scalable, development tools Pusher is the answer.

“Pusher is a developer tools company. Our platform of highly-scalable APIs allows developers to write less code and ship their apps faster. Over 150K developers worldwide use our APIs for in-app notifications, activity streams, chat, real-time dashboards, collaborative apps and much more. Companies like the Wall Street Journal, Mailchimp, FT, Deliveroo and Intercom use Pusher because we scale massively and they trust us to support their business growth.” Pusher’s Madalina Grigorie told 

The sweet spot for Pusher is any application that requires real time visualization data. Think, seeing cars or deliveries on a map or election results. The UK startup was behind the New York Times’ real time election results in this past election cycle.

“NY Times uses Pusher to power live election results — their servers push the results to all of their connected client devices in real time as they become available,”  Jordan Quigley-Jones Pusher’s Product Manager, told last summer. By pushing instead of polling for results, the servers have to do less heavy lifting. “It reduces their server request overhead while decreasing the time it takes for each device to be synced to the current results.”

Pusher’s mission is to provide scalable developer tools that can be implemented quickly.

“We live in a fast-moving highly connected world. Trusting the right tools will help businesses create the next innovations and scale fast.With Pusher, developers can ship projects faster and create user experiences that their customers love, without having to worry about additional infrastructure or reinventing the wheel. Our platform of APIs helps them build interactive applications with just a few lines of code and instantly communicate with their customer base however large, whether one or billions. So developers can use their imagination to build amazing apps. ” Grigorie said.

Max Williams founded Pusher in 2011. “Max is passionate about realtime technology, and his goal with Pusher is to make this it more readily available for everyone. He has a wealth of experience in identifying new technologies, and successfully delivering software projects. Before Pusher, he co-founded the London-based Ruby on Rails development shop New Bamboo, with Damien Tanner. He is an alumni of University of Leeds, United Kingdom.” Grigorie explained.

Pusher’s work is paying off. Their ease of implementation has scene them scale to over 150,000 developer users world wide. They raised $1.1M in seed funding in 2011 and $2.5M in 2016.

You can check out Pusher here at