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Abodva Is The Vine Of Dating

Russian Startup Abodva Is The Vine Of Dating

Abodva-top Abodva Is The Vine Of Dating

In January of 2013 Vine launched. The six second video platform actually created a whole new wave of celebrities. Vine launched careers for people that would have otherwise remained in the realms of obscurity. Twitter acquired Vine and then in January of this year, shut the platform down. But they paved the way for short form video.

SnapChat harnessed the power of short form videos, by adding just 9 more seconds to the experience. SnapChat became one of the most valuable social media startups in the world, even though Facebook, Instagram and Twitter had more users.

Dating apps in the world today have all gravitated towards a “swipe right” model made famous by Tinder. It’s time once again for a disruption in the dating space.

A startup out of Belarus, Minsk has created a new dating platform that relies on 7 second videos instead of photos. Can you make someone want to at least take step one with you in 7 seconds? Abodva seems to think so.

We got a chance to interview Abodva. Check out the interview after the break.

Where is your company located?

Belarus, Minsk

When did you launch, or when do you plan to launch?


What does your startup do?

Abodva – the first video dating app

Who is your target user?

people 18-35

Why did you build you product? What problem are you taking on?


…a project that will help many people to find each other faster and easier with 7 sec video instead of photo.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

Tinder uses photos for searching, Abodva – 7 sec videos

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

With application Abodva you can see a person as if in the first 7 seconds of your real meeting.

And you already know his/her voice, facial expression, and what your first talk will start with. You needn’t beg to give a phone number or turn on

the webcam. Create a real first impression about a person in one click. We have only real people, we carefully check each profile. The main idea is to

save precious time to enjoy new meetings.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Viktor Slepovitch – language supporter
Anna Krastinina – designer
Denis Krastinin – PHP developer
Max Rusakovich – administrator

Check out their explainer video below:


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