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AddProgress: A more intuitive approach to PM software

AddProgress Inc.

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What is AddProgress?

AddProgress is an elegantly simple online app to create team status reports that track progress on short-term tasks and long-term goals. Create your own status report categories or use the pre-built layouts for use cases such as weekly status, annual performance goals, sales pipelines, agile development and process checklists like new employee on-boarding. Features include drag and drop ordering, comments, activity stream, due dates, sub checklists, quick statuses, percent complete and notifications.

Who is your target user?

team leaders, marketing teams, sales teams, development teams, managers

Why did you build AddProgress? What problem are you taking on?

AddProgress is the tool for teams that need to track their activity but don’t have the time to spend updating a complex project management system. It eliminates the need for separate tools to track tasks and communicate (i.e. team chat), since it combines comments with tasks/goals within the context of a status report workflow or structure. It saves teams time by reducing the need for status meetings and emails, while keeping everyone apprised of who’s working on what, who has capacity and who needs help.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

Easily track progress and collaborate on team tasks and goals.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

The AddProgress founders have done this before. John Berreman and Fin Gold built Incential Software up from zero customers in 2006 to a multi-million dollar company when it was sold to IMS Health in 2013. All without any outside investment. Incential had a powerful software platform for calculating and reporting incentive compensation for sales organizations.

Having run a successful software start-up and also managing a group of 50 employees within a billion dollar multinational, John and Fin understand the need for improving team effectiveness, collaboration and communication; particularly keeping track of what team members are working on and how they can optimize their time. That’s where AddProgress comes in; a simple and elegant software app that facilitates status sharing without taking hours for meetings and prep time each week.