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AglaSem: a robust student guidance portal


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 What is AglaSem? is a student guidance portal, which provides updates and preparation material of school studies, entrance exams, college admissions, government jobs, talent search exams, olympiads.

Our aim is to give free access to updated and authentic information for the benefit of all student community. With access to information online, the student now has the freedom to be more aware and informed before taking any decision.

When we say “free” and “accessible” to all, we really mean it. All our services are free of cost to the student community. This includes information access, taking online tests for practice, study notes and other material. We earn via a simple ad-based model.

Why did you build AglaSem? What problem are you taking on?

Students and their parents need information. With the growing number of colleges and coaching centers, the need to stay informed has become more than before. One wrong decision (like joining the wrong college, missing an entrance exam / application form) can ruin a child’s career.
We endeavor to make the information freely available at their fingertips.

We started with the target of empowering a certain age group, prominently class 11 and 12 students. It was our belief that this particular age group is at the biggest crossroads of life. Along with the hard work of preparing for entrance exams, they also have to take a lot of decisions.
We just wanted to make the whole process smoother.

Along the way, we realized that students even younger than them too can be helped out. After all, the internet has reached out to more age groups than we can imagine. And this can be utilized for their good.

In brief, what students need can be categorized into the following: –
– Unbiased and authentic information.
– Remain up to date about education related information.
– Get guidance when it comes to preparation, form filling, exam info.
– Have an easily reachable platform where they can get access to all their education needs.

What parents of students require can be explained as –
– Study material to guide their children.
– Help their children without resorting to tuition and coaching.
– An easily accessible platform to get education related help.

We are providing all this, and more to all the age groups of students.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Anand Meena – The idea of an online education community was formed in Anand’s mind, much before the world of internet had taken the gigantic shape that it has today. He studied in the Delhi College of Engineering after completing school education from Gujarat and Rajasthan. More of a workaholic than anyone you could probably meet, Anand likes to keep things simple and uncomplicated, something that has been incorporated in the core functioning of AglaSem as well.

Anwesha Bose – Giving shape to words and creating crisp designs are some of the things she likes to do. She has studied in the Delhi College of Engineering after completing school education from the NCR. Her vision is to see the company grow into the ranks of the internet giants, and is actively working to make that happen.

Both the founders were batch mates and have been working together to create a free and easily accessible online system wherein the student community can benefit the most.