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AnyCloud: Unite all the clouds


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 What is AnyCloud ?

AnyCloud allows you to access your Private Internet, which is the collection of your photos, documents, and people scattered across your email, social, and cloud accounts.

Accounts can be linked to AnyCloud. Then the content from those accounts can be accessed through the AnyCloud Web App. AnyCloud unifies your content and your friends, but most valuable is the ability to search your entire private internet from one simple platform. Content and contacts from Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Box, and a host of other accounts will all be accessible from one platform.

Who is your target user?

Our app is targeted at anyone with an email, social, or cloud account, but the most suitable users are ones with multiple online accounts. Typical users will link between 2 and 5 accounts, but there are over 20 account options to link.

We’ve found the app highly valuable to parents, particularly mothers, who want a singular location for all of their family photos. Young professionals with multiple online accounts who use them vigorously to network and share content are also a key demographic.

Why did you build AnyCloud? What problem are you taking on?

The problem that many 21st century online users have of a loose, distributed online presence with no overview of where they have what content and who they are sharing it with. AnyCloud allows users to maintain control and an overview of their Private Internet.

How is AnyCloud different from what is currently available?

What is currently available is geared towards cloud services only and predominantly for business usage, not for consumers. Our app allows users to link Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Box, and a host of other accounts.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Brian Jenkins is a successful serial entrepreneur. From his experience, he found himself stretched thin across social and professional networks. Time was wasted maintaining contacts and content on far too many online accounts. Unification, simplification, optimization, and a hand full of other buzz words began to mean a lot more to him as he set forth to find a solution to his problem, that he shares with so very many online users across the globe.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Founder/ CEO: Brian Jenkins – a successful serial entrepreneur in the tech and online startups.

CTO: Ryan Latta – formerly the lead developer for Appia, with over 20 years experience as a developer.

Where can people find out more?