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Has Anystart Brought The Portal Back?

yahoo-1999_large Has Anystart Brought The Portal Back?It’s hard to believe that some of our readers may be too young to remember the days of internet portals. Yahoo in it’s early years, Lycos, Infoseek, and of course geocities were all once household names when jumping on the internet. The portal made it easier to navigate the World Wide Web, especially for users coming from services like Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL.

Now Tony Stahl, a domain investor and entrepreneur originally from Sweden, is bringing the idea of the portal back. He calls it, Anystart.

“I have one simple purpose with my website and it is to help people find popular websites” Stahl told in an interview.

That sounds like the foundational idea that Jerry Yang and David Filo began with in 1994 when they founded Yahoo.

Stahl tips his hat to those earlier portals; “We’re bringing back the traditional web portal of the early Internet, but with a cleaner and simpler interface. answers the question of ‘where to start’ when users open their browser. Whether users are looking for something specific or just have a general idea of what they need, our category listings provide a hassle-free way to dive straight into the most authoritative, respected and popular websites on any area of interest. There’s no reason to rely on search engines when we’ve done the searching for you.” he said.

anystart1 Has Anystart Brought The Portal Back?The main page of features lists of the top 10 sites in categories like news, shopping, dating, travel, health, games and social networks. With 32 categories in total, users can usually always narrow their search to just one list. Each of the categories can also be expanded to their full length with the “See All” button. Some categories have well over 100 sites listed, each one carefully vetted to guarantee its quality and relevance.

When users click on individual listings, the chosen site opens automatically in a new tab or window. Users are free to bookmark sites that appeal to them, or hop back to and continue exploring links.

Stahl and his wife recently relocated to Los Angeles to continue to grow

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