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ComiConverse: The digital Comic Con


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What is ComiConverse?

We start with Bleacher Report style open-source article contributions, allowing our audience to ComiConverse with their respective fandoms, while supplying us with millions of free content pieces. Quality controls and writer development via E-learning will take place as a result of the in-house automated systems that we have established.

With that content machine in motion, we’ll soon be home to the web’s greatest ComiCommuntiy.

But a great Comic Con experience requires so much more!

Through Pinterest-style content sharing, our users can share their own cosplay photos; adding all the colour of a live event to our Comic Con made digital.

Once we’ve packed our digital convention centre with passionate and engaged consumers, every artist and merchant alive is going to want a space in the online marketplace we will provide.

All the revenue streams of a Comic Con weekend and more. None of the costs.

Its the Comic Con that never ends.

Its the Comic Con made digital!

… And that’s how we ComiConverse!

Who is your target user?

Data indicates that content consumers, in the initial phases, will be 25 and under and 60% male. As marketplaces develop, the natural audience for our content and offerings expand dramatically.

Why did you create ComiConverse?

In 2016, brick and mortar comic and pop-culture conventions have become ever more numerous, but also ever more expensive. Digitizing the comic convention experience allows fans, marketers, vendors and celebrities to interact virtually every day of the year; minimizing the costs involved in seizing these opportunities while at the same time removing the time constraints.

How is ComiConverse unique?

Digitizing a highly successful, but costly, event like a comics convention allows for the synergy of content, news, media, marketplace and celebrity previously found only in specific geographic locations and only for brief periods of time.

The demand for this digital outlet, on the part of fans, advertisers, media companies and celebrities is real and growing.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

ComiConverse isn’t just our identity, its something we all do. We do it every time we chat about who might die next on The Walking Dead.

Disney and Time Warner understood the value of connecting brands to powerful narratives when they bought DC and Marvel.

Until now, consumers have connected to these narratives at conventions like Comic-Con San Diego; an event so popular one weekend can barely contain it.

But what if there was a Comic-Con that never ended?

A generation that has grown up connecting to their heroes digitally cries out for more than a one weekend brick and mortar convention can provide.

We are the Comic-Con made digital!

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Jeff Hull, the CEO of ComiConverse Inc., is a life-long geek and comics fan who has shared his expert analysis on outlets like AudioBoom News and elsewhere. He is also the world’s biggest Darkwing Duck fan.