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crypviser Is The Most Secure Communication Solution Ever

Crypviser Is The First Encrypted Unified Cross Platform App on Blockchain.

crypvisertop crypviser Is The Most Secure Communication Solution Ever

Whether you’re communicating industrial secrets, classified information, client communication or just like to keep your privacy in check, Crypviser could be the solution you’re looking for.

Crypviser was designed to meet the highest and most rigorous standards of cryptograhy and encryption. The platform can securely store and exchange all kinds of data from instant chats, voice, video, group calls, file sharing and more. The company is looking to make a completely secure platform available in the B2C and B2B space that hasn’t been available before. Until now, to get this level of encryption you had to be a big corporation or the government. They’ve also simplified the UI and instruction so that anyone with basic computer knowledge can communicate in a completely safe and encrypted environment.

“Our target user is the person who wants secure conversations with modern encryption technology and sees future in cryptocurrencies.” the company told in an interview.

Crypviser is using blockchain technology for encryption. “The patent-pending algorithms of true encryption keys authentication, based on blockchain technology, help protecting against identity theft and MITM attacks.” the company says.

Crypviser isn’t just for chatting though. “The Crypviser network as a unified, all-in-one solution provides all necessary features and capabilities for social and business communication, such as secure instant messaging (chats), audio and video calls, photo/video and file sharing, group calls (voice conferences) and more.” they said.

They’ve also added local independent encrypted security to the users device which means users can save and store all their sensitive data behind another layer of security.

They’ve also introduced CVCoin a unique crypto-token designed for the new generation of encrypted instant communication networks.. Integrated crypto wallet in the Crypviser app, allows to safely keep, manage and transfer amounts through the CVPay system. CVPay is a secure, anonymous and fast money transfer system.

CVCoin recently launched their ICO and there’s just about two weeks left to join in, here. 

Have more control over your privacy and money with Cryviser and CVCoin find out more at