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Cubeit: Connect content from all your apps in one place


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What is Cubeit?

Cubeit is a platform to connect content from your different apps together in one place, and make it easy to save, organize, and share.

Suppose you are researching startups – a tweet from Paul Graham goes in the same places as a video from Elon Musk, and an article from TechCrunch.

It is a novel take on solving the content organization and consumption problem on mobile.

Who is your target user?

Anyone who uses Evernote to collect, Pocket to read later, or WhatsApp/Email to share links with friends.

Why did you build Cubeit? What problem are you taking on?

On the mobile phone, individual apps control your data – videos are in YouTube, files are in Dropbox, links are in Pocket, notes are in Evernote and so on. There is no unified way to connect content from these apps in one place. For example to plan a vacation, you’d need tickets from email, itineraries from Evernote, hotel reviews from TripAdvisor, and map locations. But to collect all these different types of content is next to impossible.

The current solution is to share links on chat – but links are just garbled text, and force you to switch apps to view shared content. In Cubeit every link you save is converted into a card – which evolves based on the content to show you exactly what you need.

How is Cubeit different from what is currently available?

We do a 10x better job on making content consumable on the phone. Links -> cards.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

The founders met in school at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, and have been building things since 2012. It was in 2015 that the team decided to focus on the mobile content organization problem, after a particularly frustrating day trying to work using only their mobile phones. They realized that to actually DO things on the phone is a nightmare because everything is disaggregated, and there is no paradigm similar to the folder or browser to aggregate different types of content.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

The founders of Cubeit came together at IIT Gandhinagar, with a vision to revolutionize the way devices and content interact with each other.

Sarthak Jain CEO – Sarthak’s expertise lies in machine learning, and has worked on everything from muscle signal decoding to Emotion recognition from images. At Cubeit he spends his days firefighting, and making sure users get the best experience.

Co-founder & COO
Nithin lives his life by the credo “A good app should never crash”. A wannabe doctor, in his previous avatar he has worked at Johns Hopkins on a project to monitor blood pressure by analyzing images of blood vessels. He loves taking on the responsibility of keeping everyone in the family (read office) happy.

Co-founder & CTO
Prathamesh brings experience from his internships at California Institute of Technology and Marvell semiconductors, and is in charge of making the sure that all the technology behind Cubeit works. If he wasn’t here, he would probably be building the Indian Tesla instead. His hobby is unusual for a techie – he spends his free time sketching.

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