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DEQOR: A new way to shop for home goods


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What is DEQOR?

DEQOR is changing the way people shop for furniture and home decor through the development of advanced proprietary shopping technology and content that is fine tuned for each specific category. DEQOR carries a broad, style agnostic assortment, but is curated for quality and always well priced. By implementing a high-touch service model fueled by trained interior designers, DEQOR provides customers with a personalized user experience to make finding the ideal piece for a customer’s home as easy as possible. We are headquartered in Salt Lake City and was established in November 2014 by a team of e-commerce veterans.

Who is your target user?

Consumers and industry professionals who are passionate about quality furniture, home decor and interior design.

Why did you build your company? What problem are you taking on?

Consumers have an overwhelming amount of choices when shopping online. We created DEQOR to provide an easy way for people to find a quality, style agnostic assortment, complimentary industry expertise and a better overall shopping experience.

How is DEQOR different from what is currently available?

By only offering quality products and partnering with leading designers and brands we are able to offer our customers the best products that are always priced well.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

After decades of experience in the e-commerce, retail and marketing industries, the team of professionals behind DEQOR came together to dream up a better way to find the best furniture and home decor than what is currently available. They wanted to fuse advanced design and shopping technology, personalized customer service and affordability all into one for the shopper.

Where can people find out more?