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DIKY: The reverse social network


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 What is DIKY?

DIKY is a reverse social network, where you can discover your social reflection. It is a unique friend vouching system where you can vouch for your friends and family, and vice versa, anonymously and authentically. These vouches bring out the most admired qualities in you and you can showcase to the world, “What your friends think about You”.

Who is your target user?

Our Target Group is all those people who are involved in peer to peer transaction on a regular basis. This is in order to increase the quality of those transactions.

Why did you build DIKY? What problem are you taking on?

We believe that a person’s social reputation should be a function of his social interactions online and offline, just as there is a credit score which is a function of financial transactions. Not only we have domain experts on board the co founding team but we also have experts giving us strategic advice. The unique insight about this market is that – now meeting new people has become more digital than physical. We need a tool to know that person we are interacting with, in a much better manner, thus increase the quality of such interactions.

How is DIKY different from what is currently available?

Our competitors are Trusttribe, Karma, Traity, Trustcloud, eRated.
We differentiate on the fact that our competitors take into consideration only transactions happening on P2P platforms. This is only a small part of our entire process. We crowd source your reputation from your friends making it impossible to fudge.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

We got the idea of doing DIKY on 16 of May, 2015 and the co-founding team was made in 72 hours. It took us about 5 days to get things in motion and development started. We were joined by a lot of people, some of them who stayed to form, what is our 15 member team. We are quick on our feet with flexibility to change and iterate, if it is for the better. The most unique thing about DIKY is that “DIKY Phase 1 will be made without spending any Money on talent”. All the team members who are working with us are there because they believe in “us” and “DIKY”.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Aditya Ahluwalia – CEO and Co Founder
Co-Founder and Heads Sales & Marketing at Proqurare (India’s first B2B Grocery Startup)
Clocked INR 25 lacs in Revenue in 8 months
National UnR Head for Airtel Money

Dr. Niyaz Siddiqui – Content
Experience of delivering over 20 consulting assignments to big Pharma CXOs
Ex-founder of TLrad – cloud based tele-radiology Company
Youngest doctor to be admitted to ISB Hyderabad MBA

Shubham Kumar – Product and Algorithms
Fetcch – An AI based interactive customer service tool, currently used by 1,08,000 employees ICICI Bank
Microsoft, Technology Evangelist, Developed core architecture of State Education Portal

Sharmeen Sahibole – Frontend Ninja
App Architect – Game titles independently conceptualized and developed – Picaria and Sidewheelie
Dassault Systems – Developed 1st ever assembly explosion plugin for FEA software

Himanshu Gupta – Backend and Architecture
Fetcch – Ported whole product on an entirely different platform in 22 days.
VSM – Developed virtual stock market. Used by 7000 users with less than 2 % crash
Built – Team management app

Where can people find out more?

DIKY Blog –
DIKY Product Video –