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DIYZER: An Awesome Hardware DIY Platform


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What is DIYZER ?

DIYZER is a DIY platform for collaborative work on hardware projects. It’s intended to help both, novice users and experienced engineers to build, share, improve and work together on open source hardware projects.

Who is your target user?

Our target audience is hackers, makers and other people interested in electronics including but not limited to smart home systems, robotics, wearables, internet of things.

Why did you build DIYZER? What problem are you taking on?

We think that open-source hardware community experiencing difficulties working on complex projects together. We offer makers a set of tools to simplify their work on hardware projects together, from different locations.

How is DIYZER different from what is currently available?

Right now all the DIYs on other websites are about creating a project alone and then sharing it with others to follow. We hope to change this by applying open-source software development approach to hardware, so that several people can join to create more complex projects together.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

When we found out about Arduino and open-source hardware we were quite excited about it and bought a starter Arduino kit to play with it in the office. But then we found out that a lot of tutorials are difficult to follow and everyone writes them in their own style. We decided to create a product which would allow to structure DIYs in nicer way and then project evolved into Collaborative platform.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

We’re team of web developers working various projects from corporate websites to eCommerce and Communities, building most of our stuff using open-source Drupal. So we applied all our experience to DIYZER.

Where can people find out more?