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EnGrip Brings Non Formal Learning To The Resume

A startup in India has began to tackle a problem many millennials face when it comes to resume writing.

In today’s modern workplace, skilled workers are often learning skills outside the classroom. It could be from online courses, online reading, or in a work place setting. Nowadays, students who go to college for a CS degree, even need to refine their skills immediately following college because of the rapidly changing world of technology.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Anil Kumar one of the founder’s of EnGrip about their innovative approach to adding non-formal learning to resumes.

What does your startup do?

Engrip is set to define a new future for resumes. By enabling users capture their informal learning experiences through our tools, we make users show their expertise beyond their resumes.

Who is your target user?

Our initial targeted user is an entry level-mid range software professional aged between 20-28 years who does a lot of self-learning online as part of his day-to-day job.

Why did you build you product? What problem are you taking on?

Our learning has changed, it moved from the confines of a course, class room to informal experiences like online reading, networking and participating. But these informal learning experiences have never been called learning primarily because there is no technology to track them.

Imagine if we could capture and quantify all the learning that a user does whether formal or informal, such a record of users’ learning experiences can be a more informative version of their experience than a resume and publishing users’ learning experiences can help in identifying them as an expert in a particular field to be sought after for an advice, questions or even jobs. At Engrip, we call that a Living Resume.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

We are the first product to focus on the informal learning of users. In the world of internet most of the learning happens informally and our resumes are still stuck with the formal learning. We are building EnGrip to create a new future of resumes that talks about the knowledge of the users not just limited to his formal education. With EnGrip, all learning counts not just the certificates from work and training courses.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

After graduation when I started my career at Oracle with little knowledge on ERP I found that most of the learning happens informally. This is not only the case with me but for many others. We have discussed internally on the concept, did a POC and met an investor and voila! we got our seed fund in our first attempt itself with in a day. This gave us confidence on our idea and from then onwards, we took this up as our full-time task. Now we are into user acquisition and will be going for our second round of funding pretty soon.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Anil Kumar Ghorakavi, Founder CEO, Lead Developer and visionary. Engineer by profession and entrepreneur by passion. 8+ years of experience in product development and management with Oracle, CTS.

Pradeep Kumar SMK has an experience of 9 years in IT, consulting. Previously worked with NCR, Value labs. Currently leading the development of Engrip.

Amit Kumar Shukla, Finance and Marketing. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Likes to mix his engineering abilities with business opportunities. 13+ years of experience with Dell, Oracle, ADP.

Kranthi Nekkalapudi, Functional Advisor. Pioneer in learning industry and abreast with latest developments in learning sector. BTech from IIIT-H, Graduated from Carnegie Melon University/ 9+ years of experience in product development, management with Deloitte, Oracle and Sears International.

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