FamiMarket: Buy and sell baby and children’s clothes


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What is FamiMarket?

FamiMarket provides a fast and simple way for parents to buy, sell fashion, children’s goods and all type of family-related items online. It’s also the place for parents to find quality family-friendly programs and services.

The online marketplace allows parents anywhere regardless of location to sell, consign, buy fashion, children’s goods, and any family-related items directly without a middleman. It also allows small business owners, retailers and supplier to offer family-related products through the site giving parents even more choices of quality goods and at the lowest prices. The online directory offers parents and their families a free resource guide where they can search, find, and recommend affordable family-friendly programs and services, local and nationwide.

Who is your target user?

Expecting parents, parents of children all ages, grandparents as well as any individuals who have a need for family goods and services, are all welcome to join us

Why did you build FamiMarket? What problem are you taking on?

It is natural for parents to always search for quality goods and services that could meet the needs of their family and also will fit into their budget. Most websites, however, serve individually as an online store, online consignment, general marketplace or just a local directory. It’s time-consuming for parents to search multiple sources for each of their family’s need and purpose.

Keeping these things in mind, was created exclusively to meet family needs. It has the aim to solve the problem by serving not only as a place where parents can purchase items but also a platform where they can sell, consign items their family no longer need and find all types of family-friendly services, all in one convenience place.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

FamiMarket offers a unique combination of Marketplace, Directory & Community enable parents not only to earn and save money by selling and buying goods but also help parents save time from searching for quality programs and services.

We’re so much more than just another online Marketplace! At FamiMarket, we offer parents more control, more options, and an affordable way to buy and sell both new and pre-owned family-related items. At the same time, we offer a free Directory where parents can search and find family-friendly services to fit their budget and needs.

In our Marketplace, we’ve combined what parents love about traditional consignment stores and neighborhood tag sales with the convenience of e-commerce and online auctions. We created more options to make the online buying and selling experience simple and stress-free for busy parents
FamiMarket’s unique features include:
• List item in 60 seconds or less using mobile or website
• No middleman. Seller has full control over listings, from pricing to shipping
• Free unlimited listing and re-listing using Buy Now or Allow Offer options
• In addition to images, seller can add video to help explain the listing item in details
• Automate offer adding system allowing buyers to set max budget they are willing to pay
• Sell item individually, sell by the lot, or sell multiple quantities

In our Directory, find local and nationwide listings for family-friendly services and businesses, specifically aimed towards serving families, parents, and children. From kid-friendly restaurants to after school activities to birthday party packages, and so much more.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

The idea popped in my head one afternoon in January 2015 while I was sitting in a living room folding some old school uniforms my daughter no longer fit but were still in excellent condition. I was thinking to myself… where can I connect directly to other parents who might have a need for these items without having to sell them through a middleman? What if every families anywhere regardless of location can come together as an online community where not only they can securely sell, buy new and gently used children’s items directly from one another, they can search and recommend great local businesses, programs & services to other families as well? What if all this can happens in one place, how much time and money this could save us parents? Less than 9 months later, was born.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

A mother of 2 with over 10 years experience in HR.