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Floorplan Revolution: Simple plug and play VR home tours

Every event we go to, and just about every tech publication would lead you to believe that virtual reality is going to change the world. That may be, but it has been a lot slower than we have been told. Well, at SXSW, we saw what has to be one of the more novel uses of VR. Floorplan Revolution has built an ingenious virtual reality platform for realtors, leasing agents, and other real estate professionals to utilize.

Floor-plan Floorplan Revolution: Simple plug and play VR home tours

In a nutshell, Floorplan Revolution allows real estate professionals to create 3D, virtual reality floor plans of their listings. If you ask any realtor or leasing agent, virtual tours and walkthroughs are an invaluable resource, leading to conversions. Conversely, these tours and walkthroughs can save time as potential buyers who may be on the fence can get a better feel of the property.

Revolution-1024x489 Floorplan Revolution: Simple plug and play VR home tours

A major benefit to Floorplan Revolution is in its simplicity. When you hear “virtual reality,” it is easy to assume that it is incredibly complicated, requiring experienced professional developers to build out applications. Well, Floorplan Revolution is one of the most simple platforms that we have ever seen. You can get a better idea for the simplicity in the video below, but it is essentially drag-and-drop functionality. All the user has to do is plug in the location, and upload a 2D floor plan of the property, and the platform does the rest.

During SXSW, we had a chance to speak with the team, and try out Floorplan Revolution. Check out the interview below, and head over to for more info: