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Frenvid: Watch movies and shows with friends


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What is Frenvid?

Frenvid is a new subscription/ppv –based social online streaming platform that will let you watch movies and TV shows with friends in real-time.

Who is your target user?

Frenvid targets a mass market aiming at acquiring as many users irrespective of age, location and preferences. Segmentation is not done in this particular industry because the service offered is highly tailored to individuals interest and for profitability. Our marketing efforts are aimed at getting as many subscribers as possible by also offering diverse contents on the platform.

Why did you build Frenvid? What problem are you taking on?

One of the major reason why we build frenvid was to solve the problem of interaction in the video industry.

How is Frenvid different from what is currently available?

Today to watch a movie with a friend, you either share a link, 3rd party installation or downloads. Frenvid is bringing social and video-on-demand into one place. To support this technology, we have also gone ahead to secure licensing rights to over 4000 hours of programming.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

4 years ago, my wife was based in the U.S and I was in the UK. And anytime we want to have moments like laughing and watch a movie together either on Netflix or youtube, we had to use a third party, share links and so on. For youtube, we had to also turn on skype. When I came to the US and as a techie, I thought why can’t we have everything in one place – that idea brought about Frenvid.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Bamidele Benjamin Adetayo. Bami is a software and front-end engineer. Started my first company, Ooyela (formerly Benbami Inc.) in 2004 while in college studying in the UK and worked as an intern at Siemens. After then, I moved to the US and went on to work for On Center Software in Houston, Texas. I am currently married and living with my family in Houston, Texas.

Where can people find out more?