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What is HereNow?

HereNow is a location based communication platform. It Connects you to people near you. When logged in, you can access all the important & exciting stuff around you.

Who is your target user?

A smartphone user looking to connect with his/her community. We are right now focussing on India market.

Why did you build HereNow? What problem are you taking on?

We are always surrounded by so many people near us. Just because we are near them, we can be having similar issues, requirements or experiences. But we can’t connect with them because you don’t know them. Existing networks help us connect with people we know, wherever they are. There is no way to connect with people who are right nearby. HereNow aims to bridge this gap to enable us to help out and get help from these people around us (without needing to know anyone personally at all).

How is HereNow different from what is currently available?

It helps us connect with people whom we don’t know. They are closeby. There is not need to join any groups or lists. Simply logging into HereNow gives us access to hyperlocal information.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

All 3 of us founders have been moving places ever since- for studies or job. Wherever we went, we had so many ways to re-connect with our friends who lived in another city / country but there was absolutely no way to connect to people who live right nearby. We wanted to connect with our neighbours. So we built HereNow. While the thought had been there for quite some time (a few years), but with the advent of smartphones and mobile-internet, the ecosystem got ready only now.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Varun Torka
Product Manager – NetApp
IIT Delhi | IIM Caclcutta

Niraj Rajmohan
Product Manager – NetApp | Senior Engineer – Yahoo
BMSCE Bangalore | AIM Manila

Abhishek Sharma
Technology – Deloitte | Investment Banking – o3 Capital | Strategy Consulting – Accenture
IIT Delhi | IIM Lucknow