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HeyBIz: Message and engage with customers


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What is HeyBiz?

HeyBiz is a messaging and engaging mobile application for users and businesses. Users can connect, follow, chat, and get their queries answered from nearby businesses or services without sharing their mobile number. On the other hand, business owners have a powerful tool to create and maintain a mini business profile on their smartphones. They can update users with latest upcoming sales, promotions or new service launches using just a few clicks. It is an innovative way to do Sales-Marketing-Support (SMS) of business on smartphone anytime and anywhere.HeyBiz brings Local services to your Smartphone. No more searches, reading tons of reviews, comparing prices on different sites for a product or service. No credit card payments, waiting for days to get product to your door.

HeyBiz has verified, well known local shopkeepers or service providers near to your location. Just search what you need and connect with them over chat without sharing your mobile number. You will definitely get competitive price from them.

They will deliver the product or provide a service within hours. We are working hard to bring each and every shop on your phone.
Get personalized answers from our experts through chat and make an order, appointment or request for service.
For more details, please go through the company website –

Who is your target user?

Everyone is our target user,small business, and user who want to get things done threw chat .

Why did you build HeyBiz? What problem are you taking on?

Local businesses still do pamphlets and small news paper ads as they don’t have a ready platform where they can advertise locally and interact with users. The USP of HeyBiz is local commerce. It allows business owners to list their business profiles nicely within a couple of minutes, and makes it ready to interact with local users on mobile and on chat. They can reach to their followers but keep updating upcoming sales and promotions. HeyBiz also helps them to reach out to their target audience based on their location.

How is HeyBiz different from what is currently available?

We have added an exclusive feature in the app called Expert Advice. We have grouped a team of experts from different niches on a mobile platform. These experts are from vastly varied domains that include healthcare, fitness, astrologers, makeup artists, gadget and gizmos, gift options, jobs and real estate consultants. Not just that, it allows the users to chat directly with the experts in a real time conversation, ask questions, and get opinions and advice. Based on the need of user, our experts connect with the right business in real time.