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Homing In: Better, more reliable home values

Homing In

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What is Homing In?

Zillow gives a Zestimate. We give an Exactimate.

Zillow uses a computer to make a quantative decision about the value of a home based only on data.

We use actual real estate agents who get user-sourced pictures and notes and use the public data as well as comments from the consumer and photos of the property to make a qualitative decision about value. Moreover users get up to 5 estimates back from agents, so they get more data points.

Why did you build Homing In? What problem are you taking on?

I’m a broker in Nevada. The online valuations are way off and its frustrating when consumers make bad choices based on the belief that those values are correct. We have known for years that humans can value properties better than a computer.

Our app allows that to happen.

How is Homing In different from what is currently available?

Nothing like it exists. We’ve filed 2 patents.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

After years of doing Broker Price Opinions for bank on our foreclosures that we were selling I thought I would give that same tool to any homeowner.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Myself – US Naval Academy grad and former USMC fighter pilot. Broker/owner of a real estate company in Vegas for 10+ years.

Where can people find out more?