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JOBBOX: A Referral Based Marketplace for Tech Jobs


We just came across an incredibly unique new job service. JOBBOX has developed an ingenious method for helping people find tech related jobs. It is all based on referrals. Startups and other tech employers list their jobs on JOBBOX. Users can then refer people to these jobs. If someone you refered gets hired, the referrer gets a reward. We had a chance to ask the team behind JOBBOX a few questions about their new platform:

What is JOBBOX?

We’ve built a platform where startups can list their tech job offers and users can refer their friends for these job offers. If their friend gets hired, the referrer gets rewarded.

You help out a friend by writing a great referral. It’s only fair that you get rewarded. Quoting Joker: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

Who is your target user?

Our users, both referrers and candidates, are tech savvy, informal and innovative. They want to be work in no-bullshit startups. We provide that 🙂

Why did you build your product? What problem does it solve?

Because tech recruitment is broken. We’re trying to tackle the problem most startups have when sourcing for great techies.

What makes JOBBOX different from all the other job sites?

We built our own evaluation algorithm and we’re 100% focused on the tech industry. We do loads of information enrichment to make sure startups get quality candidates too.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Not really, there was a huge pain instead.

Finding the right techie always meant trouble for us. Plus, the tech recruitment industry is so broken ( that we decided to try and fix it with!

Tell us about the founders and their backgrounds.

Pedro Carmo Oliveira:
Oliveira refers techies non-stop. Addicted to TL;DR. Scarface and Pulp Fiction fan.
Background: software engineer, product manager and agile project manager

Jose Vicente Paiva:
Paiva interviewed over 1K techies. Data analysis and business intelligence runs inside his veins.
Background: +15 years of experience in big data analytics

What’s next? What are your short term goals?

We’re growing our user base in Europe. Still, Brasil and US are growing steadily too…
We’ll be +7 full-timers from September 2014. Plus, a few moonlighters too.

Where can people find out more?