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Just Debate: a platform that encourages constructive debate

Just Debate

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What is Just Debate?

‘Just Debate’ began with the idea to encourage young people along with everyone to voice their opinions in a constructive manner. The website has been designed to deliberate upon important topics and events that are current shaping the world we live in. We invite people to register on our website through their personal information and become an integral part of a debating community that involves people from world over. ‘Just Debate’ is a digitized debating platform for the curious and eager ones, excited to give voice to their opinions and ideas for a better world.

Who is your target user?

The product is primarily aimed at the young audience, high-school students, college and university students, who have lost touch with the current happenings across the world. With growing number of distractions in the form of gadgets and other online activities, ‘Just Debate’ wishes to encourage and motivate young minds to join the discussions that are integral to the way this world functions. However, the audience aren’t restricted to school or colleges only, but cater to every age group, irrespective of any ethnicity or culture. This is a place where anyone can register and become the center of a constructive debate.

Why did you build Just Debate? What problem are you taking on?

The foundation of ‘Just Debate’ lies in the idea of helping everyone voices their opinions, irrespective of their social or economic background. While there is always a risk of an individual opinion being lost amongst the countless voices that are raised each day, we have ensured that everyone gets equal opportunity to showcase what they believe in a digitized debating platform. The problems that occurred were mainly related to the technical aspect of getting everyone online on a single platform as people with contrary views can sometimes be difficult to monitor. However, these technicalities were resolved soon enough.

How is Just Debate different from what is currently available?

‘Just Debate’ is different because it allows real-time debating without having one to worry about any technical constraints. There are countless articles to refer, and some prominent voices from journalism, politics, and other domains to look up to. ‘Just Debate’ not only focuses on getting views and opinions, but also ensuring that each opinion comes together to shape a better world.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

After the establishment of the platform, we would like to further diversify into issues that affect societies at a local level, and involve a greater proportion of the online population in issues that are otherwise unheard of in the mainstream media.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Founder: Benjamin Fisher