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Knokal: for businesses

One of the hardest things for small businesses and startups to do is find other local business to work with. This happens for any number of reasons, but it really just boils down to the sheer number of companies that operate in the U.S. Well, one startup we spoke with at SXSW, Knokal, wants to change that.

KNOK-1024x324 Knokal: for businesses

Knokal is a place for small businesses, startups, freelancers and soloists to do business. Through Knokal, the little guy has a platform to find new customers, and a platform to find the right businesses or partners to help them grow and develop. Every member has a detailed profile and businesses are matched through our algorithms on location, specialisation and company compatibility.1

Knokal’s founder, David Smith, told us that the idea came after watching his sister start her own business. “She is doing alright now, but those first steps were really hard. You need the right web development, the right PR firm, the right marketing people. It was a real struggle for her to find the right people that were compatible with a small fashion label.” That is where Knokal comes in. It is kind of a for businesses. It helps them find the right service providers, the right customers, and the right businesses to sell to.

Smith told us more about the company and their mission during SXSW. Check out our interview below, and head to for more info:

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