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Flywheel Alum Launch Startup To Solve Clunky Customer Service Issue

medianteam-launch-top Flywheel Alum Launch Startup To Solve Clunky Customer Service Issue

Omaha: Flywheel alumni Ben Stevinson (L) and Derek Homann (R) Have launch Median today to overcome a clunky customer service experience (photo: Median)

Omaha Startup Median Launches Platform Revolutionizing Screen Sharing For Customer Service

You know one thing that’s a huge pain in the ass? Sharing your screen with a customer service employee or tech support person from an online software company that you use. If you’ve ever been there you know exactly what I’m talking about. For starters, there’s often a language barrier between you and the customer service person. Next, there’s typically some kid of software that you need to install, and for whatever reason it’s just not compatible with your configuration. There had to be a better way.

Flywheel alumni, Derek Homann and Ben Stevinson to figure it out.

“Median makes a browser based screen sharing tool for online sales and customer support teams. We make it super easy for you to see what your website visitors are doing on your site by only clicking one button. It immediately gives you more context into how your customers are using your site to close more sales and solve customer support issues faster.” Homann told in an interview.

With more and more SaaS platforms becoming mainstream, and the way software is done, a disruption in screen sharing, customer service and customer chats was definitely needed. Flywheel, a popular managed Word Press hosting provider is an example of the kind of business that needs quick, easy to use screen sharing as part of customer service chatting. When the end user and the customer service or tech support person are looking at the same screen it doesn’t make any sense to do anything but actually look at the screen in question.

Other types of businesses that would truly benefit from Median’s new product include companies with software built on Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft or even Blackboard and Canvas. Any business providing software as a service needs to be able to instantly identify a customers problems and concerns and fix them as quick as possible.

For Homann, Median was invented out of necessity. He spent over a decade in customer service. Before Flywheel he worked at LinkedIn in customer support as a product lead and in supervisory roles for several support teams. “Having to schedule a WebEx call with a customer to solve the most basic of issues was the tipping point to build this product.” he said.