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MedNexus: the Google for Medicine


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 What is MedNexus?

At MedNexus we believe having access to the right medical information can change someone’s life. Exciting new research developments are happening every day but patients (and doctors) are inundated with information and cannot keep up with the latest evidence.

MedNexus is a medical search engine for patients – think “Google for Medicine”. Through our search engine, you can find the most relevant content from a variety of quality sources: medical journals, government health sites, patient forums, etc. We want to empower patients to educate themselves and cut through the noise and pseudo-science of typical online health information.

Who is your target user?

Our product is aimed at patients, with a focus on patients with chronic conditions and/or their caregivers. A Pew study ( found that “59% of newly diagnosed patients stated that the information they had accessed prompted them to ask questions of the doctor or seek a second opinion.” Unfortunately patients are inundated with junk information and as a result they cannot keep up with the latest developments and engage in an informed discussion with their doctor.

Why did you build MedNexus? What problem are you taking on?

Navigating the sea of information online can be daunting at best, and dangerous at worst. Without the benefit of formal medical training, nor the clinical resources of physicians, patients face a daunting task of educating themselves in order to make the best decision about their health.

We aim to help the patient or caregivers orient themselves to both formulate the proper questions and to answer questions they may have, based on trustworthy and evidence-based sources. There is no substitute for a trained medical professional, but we believe there are significant gaps in the process that we can address to empower patients and save time for both parties.

How is MedNexus different from what is currently available?

Our product is different in the following ways:
1. Reliable Information: our data-driven recommendation and ranking engine cuts through the noise and pseudo-science of typical online sites.
2. Multiple forms of medical content: we bring together focused health topic information from government and patient advocacy sites, published research, and patient forum discussions.
3. Guided Search: formulating questions may be more difficult than simple information retrieval, so we are focusing on intelligently guiding the user before, during, and after the search.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

We met at our previous job in Healthcare IT at Arcadia Solutions, where we worked with clinicians and medical practices to improve their data management and help them generate reports and attain Meaningful Use. It seemed one of the most biggest challenges they faced was information overload, and that has been the ongoing theme for MedNexus.

Along the way, we realized that the biggest need for reliable information was amongst patients, who struggle to make educated decisions about their health. We personally have seen, amongst our friends and family struck with chronic health conditions, the difficulty they have in finding the right information and making the best decisions about their course of treatment.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Both founders (Kevin and Nathanael) are full-stack developers, come from a scientific background, and have had deep experience in Healthcare IT consulting roles. Nathanael has a B.S./M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University, with experience in computational biology and cancer cell research. Kevin has a PhD in Physics from Boston University, and multiple published papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Where can people find out more?