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messageLOUD: Listen to all of your messages


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What is messageLOUD?

messageLOUD is a patent pending messaging service that automatically reads your texts, WhatsApp messages and email out loud, allowing you to drive, work and play safely and productively. Our mission is to eliminate distracted driving with an eyes-free experience that enables you to automatically hear your messages out loud, to easily delete or dismiss messages, or call the sender back –– all without having to look at your phone.

Why did you build messageLOUD?

Our goal is to eliminate Distracted Driving fatalities and crashes by allowing users to keep their eyes on the road, and be able to automatically hear their messages read out loud.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Garin Toren is the founder and CEO of messageLOUD

Garin maintains a relentless pursuit of innovation and focus with messageLOUD, fostering a company that can change the world by eliminating the Distracted Driving pandemic. Garin is high tech industry veteran, having previously served as part owner & EVP of Americas at Striata, Inc., a global leader in secure electronic document deliver, where he ran the New York regional headquarters and oversaw the company for the Americas. Garin has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the digital economy, having held equity & key leadership roles for high tech companies focused on Internet, e-commerce, and digital marketing. Garin culminated his studies at the Gordon Institute of Business Science with the Postgraduate Nexus program.