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Mira – A fashion forward fitness tracker | Pepcom CES 2016

During Pepcom’s Digital Experience event – on the eve of the official kickoff of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show – we had the chance to chat with a wide variety of startups. There were many different industries represented, but for whatever reason there seemed to be a large number of fashion-conscious wearable manufacturers in attendance. One of these companies, Mira, has already seen a measure of success, successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign.

Mira is pretty unique, even in a unique niche. The bracelet comes in two parts. There is a changeable band, which houses the “smart” opal component of Mira. The device collects various data points in similar way to the other various health and fitness trackers that are on the market. That said, the software and the way that the Mira apps utilize the data that is being collected is quite unique:

Mira is designed for and inspired by women. By designing a smart bracelet that is versatile, durable and stylish enough to be worn whenever and wherever, Mira is able to get a real understanding of your daily habits. We then take that data and give you informative, honest and fun messages that helps you answer the question “So what?” when it comes to understanding their activity patterns.1

While we were at Pepcom, Abby was able to ask Lindsay Slutzkyis, Mira’s Director of Retail & Channel Strategy, a few questions about the device: