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Naboomboo: Become Fluent in Another Language


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What is Naboomboo ?

The purpose of the Naboomboo is to help people practice and become more fluent in a foreign language without studying and conversing about dull topics, and it can be completely free for its users. The users can engage in language exchange through the integrated audio and video system.

Who is your target user?

People that already have a basic knowledge of a language, but want and need to practice it by speaking to others to become more fluent. It is especially useful for example, for students that have to do an English test or when you plan to travel.

Why did you build Naboomboo? What problem are you taking on?

Traditional language courses and schools have a limited use of new technologies and device capabilities for the enhancement of their activities. Besides, the traditional language education is costly, requires physical presence and often have a clear social boundary between student and teacher. Therefore, there is a need for innovation in language education through using new technologies and by rethinking the way language is taught and kept fluent.

How is Naboomboo different from what is currently available?

The difference with other platforms is that Naboomboo is based on board games rules and logic in order to promote interactivity and the creation of a community. At Naboomboo people that want to learn a new language are simultaneously the tutors of their own native language; by teaching free minutes can be earned to learn a foreign language.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

The founders both studied in France and noticed that since they came back to their home country, Italy, their ability to speak French diminished quickly. Therefore, they wanted to find a way to keep their level of French and for others to do the same or for others to have an easy way to practice their language skills wherever and whenever.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

The company is led by five people, supported by an intern. Antonio Matteo De Marco and Matteo Padovano are in charge of the technological choices, web development and user experience. Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia is in charge of the customer retention and mechanism of credits and incentives. The CEO of the company is Daniele Pozzo he concerns himself with the coordination of the internal actors, and is in charge of the external relations. The marketing efforts of the service are trusted to Riccardo Rebora. The intern, Willem Bot, is a support for activities surrounding marketing and competitive analysis.