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New York Startup ActionAlly Will Help Keep Mac Users On Task

Actionally1 New York Startup ActionAlly Will Help Keep Mac Users On TaskDo you find yourself getting distracted by Facebook, Reddit or any number of other things on the net? Well a new startup out of New York, called ActionAlly, is hoping to curb that distraction for you.

The OSX app sits on your desktop and is there to remind you of the most important things that you should be working on. “It will appear every day your computer wakes up from being asleep, if you’ve been inactive for awhile and can even detect if you’re distracted and appear then to get you back on track. For pomodoro-lovers out there, ActionAlly’s timed work sessions allow you to focus on a specific task for a set period of time so that you can make the absolute most of your time.” the company told us in an interview.

ActionAlly isn’t some kind of new fangled task manager it’s an “effectiveness” app that “fundamentally improves the way you work” the company said.

We got to talk to the team behind ActionAlly here’s more of their interview:

Why did you build ActionAlly?

“With endless captivating content always at our fingertips, notifications beeping every few minutes and constant requests for our time, it’s just so hard to focus on the things that matter.  At the same time, we rely on our computers more than ever to do our work and more and more people are going off to work on their own but finding they aren’t able to focus enough to be successful.”

How is ActionAlly different than other products currently available?

We’re absolutely committed to creating a simple, powerful product that actually delivers on its promise to help you drastically increase the number of your most important tasks that you complete on a daily basis.

How did you come up with the idea behind ActionAlly?

“Shortly after dropping out of college in 2008, I realized I’d have to figure out how to consistently execute on work that mattered if I wanted to sustain myself.  It took awhile to really get things down but one key component was simply writing my most important tasks for tomorrow every night before bed on a yellow post-it. I’d put stick it to my monitor waiting for me tomorrow.

The power of this simple technique was incredible but I would unfortunately get out of the habit fairly frequently one way or another.  That’s why I built ActionAlly.  With ActionAlly it’s impossible to forget effectively planning your day and, even better, it’s impossible to forget about your most important tasks throughout the day.

It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, authors, students and other ambitious people who care about their work and what to do it as effectively as possible.”

Tell us about your founding team?

Nicky Hajal:

Nicky dropped out of college after junior year. He’d been programming since he was 12 and wanted to start working on real projects that had an impact on the world.

Since then he’s lead digital experience since the inception of the World Domination Summit, an annual conference that hosts 3000 entrepreneurs every year in Portland, OR and has had success with projects like Pippity ( and Nice Translator (

In 2013 he co-founded a business retreat called EXECUTE. that’s all about helping new entrepreneurs take action on the projects they’re envisioning.

Check out ActionAlly here.