CES 2016 Interviews

Neyya Bluetooth Smart Ring – Pepcom interview

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show officially kicked off today. Last night, however, was one of the more well attended unofficial events: Pepcom Digital Experience. Pepcom is essentially a much, much smaller version of CES as a whole. Several hundred companies pile into the Mirage ballroom, and they open it up to the press.

One of the more interesting products we were able to check out at Pepcom was Neyya, a Bluetooth smart ring. The Neyya ring is much more than just a notification device however. The ring can act as an external button for your devices, allowing you to perform all sorts of actions when you are not right next to your device.

This year, our CES team is rounded out by Abby Knight. We figured you were all tired of seeing us. Anyhow, Abby was able to ask the team a few questions about the ring, and we learned a bit more about how it works, how much it costs, and where you can buy one.