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OJOO: Gamify anything


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What is OJOO?

OJOO is a platform for gamification & digital storytelling that solves the problem for tourism, education & creative industries who have great ideas, but n technical knowledge or budgets to create engaging mobile experiences (apps).

That’s why we created OJOO as a All-in-1 solution with:
– webstudio to create & publish
– an Application to experience
– and a marketplace to sell the content

Who is your target user?

tourism, education, marketing, teambuilding

Why did you build you product? What problem are you taking on?

We solve the problem for creative industries, marketing & education who cannot transform their content into interactive mobile applications (since no tech knowledge or budget). We offer them an easy drag & drop studio to create, play & sell engaging mobile applications.

Major advantages of our platform:
– very intuitive & userfriendly drag & drop system
– All media can be added (audio / video / 360° / photo / text / AR / VR/ …)
– completely customizable look & feel
– and finally a real game application rolls out

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

The founder is an educational scientist who worked with streetkids for over 10 years. He missed a tool to create cool activities that works on a phone.. and so he has build it himself: Previously he also worked for (a big social network for youngsters in Europe) and transformed this platform into one of the fastest growing dating platforms: This site got sold for 25M$ to IAC (owners of & Tinder)