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Plus23 Modern Proposals: Simple Online Proposal Software

Plus23 Modern Proposals

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What is Plus23 Modern Proposals?

Plus23 Modern Proposals launches a new software for small businesses to automate their proposal process to suit the modern internet era.

Plus23, startup based in Melbourne, pioneered collaboration within a proposal system and yet keeping it simple and affordable for small businesses.

Time-starved salespeople gets more time with customers by delegating proposal creation to a virtual assistant or team member. The buyer and seller team can chat within a proposal, staying current with a project without multiple emails.

Who is your target user?

B2B and B2C salespeople who needs to submit sales proposals.

Why did you build Plus23 Modern Proposals? What problem are you taking on?

The B2B selling environment changed in the last 5 years and yet millions of small businesses are still stuck with PDF proposals sent over email.

I have been selling for 30 years (yup…start in the recession of 1984). In the last 5-8 years, the selling environment, more correctly, the buying environment changed beyond recognition. The perfect storm of Facebook, Google, smartphones and apps, brought the world to a new level of internet usage.

So I want to do my part to get some updated sales tool for my fellow sales professionals in small businesses.

The problem is sales productivity in the final mile of the sales process. Each opportunity is loaded with the heaviest costs. There is no second prize. So a salesperson has to do everything he can to win those deals. Any help from systems and tools to add to his sales skills will be a bonus.

Now there are more decision makers than ever. No thanks to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2010, everyone has to work harder. So buyers are busier and more of them.

Plus23 adds the collaboration feature inside a proposal, like a Comments in a blog post, for busy prospects to add a question to the comments instead of making a phone call. On the reverse, a salesperson can store his notes of meetings and phones calls into the Comments under the Proposal to give the decision makers a set of “cliff notes” for the whole conversation.

How is Plus23 Modern Proposals different from what is currently available?

Online proposal SaaS started about 5 years ago. They are simple online editors with templates and e-signature. They have raving fans. But they have changed little since. It’s time for a disruption.

Collaboration is all a rage these days. Coincidentally, Evernote only launch collaboration in Aug 2014. #Slack took off like wild fire without any promo. Everybody is collaborating in ​Facebook and Whatsapp groups. No one calls it that​, that’s all​; they just do.

So, Plus23 has Proposal Automation + Collaboration, internally with co-workers and externally with clients. Collaboration gives it the turbo charge. Productivity is good but delegation is the game changer.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

No there isn’t an “ah ha” moment. I was finding it harder to do sales in the last five years because of the changed environment.

I love sales and technology. And my first startup failed. It was too novel and ahead of its time. So I went ahead to do a startup in the two areas I know and love.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

I’m the founder. I was a multinational corporation salaryman for 25 years in Motorola, Qualcomm and Honeywell Bull, with short spells working in startups during the dot com period.

I was also in sales, taking new technology into new markets.

Where can people find out more?