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Riddle: The first viral content marketplace


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What is Riddle?

Riddle is the first viral content marketplace – think Getty Images for viral quizzes, lists and polls.

Interactive content is powerful for engaging and growing audiences but requires time and expertise to create.

With Riddle’s marketplace, publishers and brands can quickly grab high quality interactive content for their audience, written by hand-selected viral experts.

Content is either free to embed ‘as is’ – with a makeover to match the look and feel of their site, but with no editing the text, images and author attribution.

Or, they can buy a license from the creator (they set the price – starting at $5) – and change anything and everything about it, to make this version uniquely theirs.

Publishers get viral content – creators get rewarded. Simple and scalable, with built in lead generation to collect user email addresses and responses for marketing campaigns.

Who is your target user?

Social media, Publishers, Bloggers, Editorial, Marketers

Why did you build Riddle? What problem are you taking on?

Publishers, bloggers and brands have consistently told us – they love using interactive quizzes, lists, and polls to engage their audience. But they don’t have the time or expertise to consistently create high quality content.

And for all those folks who create awesome content on the various *buzz sites out there? They’re making quizzes or lists that generate millions of page views – for no fame, recognition, or money.

That’s where Riddle comes in. Publishers can quickly grab royalty-free viral content around any trending topic, while creators can get paid and build up professional recognition for their successful content.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

Clone & embed royalty-free viral quizzes, lists and polls

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Boris Pfeiffer (CEO, founder) headed up European operations for several US start ups including video game studio Kabam and the first viral quiz publisher (sold to Monster $100M).
The rest of the founders were colleagues at these companies, with the development team coming from an extensive mobile gaming background.