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Riley: Find your next house via SMS


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 What is Riley?

Riley is a personal assistant for real estate via text messaging. Users text 740-478-4021 to find their next home. Riley uses a combination of user input and big data to provide users with the most personalized listings, leading to increased conversion rates and lower vacancies for realtors and property owners. Riley is the only mobile-first real estate service that does not require an app download. SMS is a functionality that is on every single mobile device in the world whereas other real estate apps are dependent on operating system, device type, etc. We believe that we are able to accumulate more data from both sides of the marketplace via SMS as compared to other services due to our ability to directly engage with users.

Who is your target user?

consumers, real estate

Why did you build Riley? What problem are you taking on?

SMS is the future of commerce. Consumer behavior is shifting towards users seeking more simplicity. Globally, 8.6 trillion texts are sent per year and we believe that consumption will continue to shift towards the most utilized form of communication, SMS.

Our first vertical is centered around residential housing, specifically rentals. There are 109M renters in the United States, 36M of whom are millennials, accounting for a $139B industry. Brokers spend $6b annually on advertising, yet listings that are sent to users on the leading real estate sites are not personalized to the user’s taste and conversion rates are low (3-5%). Owners and property managers are inundated with prospective renters/buyers that are not necessarily interested or qualified for the listings, losing them time in the process

How is your product different from what is currently available?

Riley is a personal assistant for real estate via SMS

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Daniel Ahmadizadeh previously founded (which has now pivoted to Riley), and was at Uprising Ventures, Major League Hacking, and two Y-Combinator backed organizations, CareMessage and Watsi.

Where can people find out more?