CES 2016 Interviews

SmartFeeder: Feed your pets from an app | Pepcom

At last nights Pepcom event, we had the chance to check out a whole bunch of awesome companies before CES officially kicked off today. There were all sorts of things, from a bluetooth smart ring, affordable Google Glass alternatives, and some other interesting things. That said, one of our favorite things from the event was from the company Petnet.

pets SmartFeeder: Feed your pets from an app | Pepcom

The most interesting of these products was, by far, the Petnet SmartFeeder:

The Petnet SmartFeeder provides a convenient, connected and personalized approach to feeding your pet the appropriate amount and type of food. The SmartFeeder assesses the dietary requirements of your pet, creates a custom feeding regimen to meet those requirements, alerts you when your pet has been fed and even orders more food for you when you run low. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, you and all your pet’s caregivers can monitor and/or adjust feeding schedules, compare your pet’s diet to other similar pets, order food, and more.1

Abby had a chance to ask the Petnet team a few questions about the Smart Bowl and the SmartFeeder during Pepcom: