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Smartlook: Detailed website behavior analytics


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What is Smartlook?

Smartlook is the easiest way to record the screen of your visitors. We’ll record every visitor movement on your website. You’ll get to watch everything and become inspired with ingenious ways on how to improve your website. There are no complicated graphs, or numbers.
You easily see what happens on your website. Absolutely for free.

Number of recordings/month: UNLIMITED
Number of websites recorded: UNLIMITED
AJAX, HTTPS supported: YES
Dynamic pages supported: YES
Price: FREE
Are we kidding?: NO

Who should use Smartlook?

marketers, startup, ecommerce, web developers, entrepreneurship, ux/ui designers, user experience, online marketers, web analytics, web monitoring, user testers, web-design, conversion rate optimization, screen recorder, user interface, usability testing, usability, heatmap, user experience testing, visitor tracking, conversions, visitor analytics, click tracking, user experienc, conversion optimization, mouse tracking, session replay, heatmap analytics, record visitors, session tracking, session monitoring, visitor tracker, visitor replay, visitor recording, visitor screen recording

Why did you build Smartlook?

In the past, when you wanted to know how visitors understood and browsed through your website, you had to do very expensive user testing. It took a lot of time and money. We have developed a free and unlimited visitor screen recording software for your website. That means website owners and companies are now able to understand and see what their visitors do on their website without paying any money and spending time managing complex user testing. With Smartlook you insert a short code snippet on your website and we will do the rest. Absolutely for free.

How is Smartlook different from what is currently available?

Smartlook is absolutely free and unlimited visitor screen recording. We’ll record every visitor movement on your website. Smartlookis the easiest way to tune your website for free.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Petr Janosik
age 29
Petr takes care of the business side of things in Smartlook. He is setting the sales and marketing strategy, forming strategic partnerships and doing online marketing (PPC, SEO, mailing). He has master’s degree from Faculty of Informatics, Brno University of Technology, which is one of the most prestigious IT universities in Czech Republic. Petr’s biggest strength is versatility – though he is educated in IT and programming, he is focused on business part of the project and marketing, his skills also overlap to graphic design, which he did at Smartlook. Before Smartlook he was doing custom IT development with Dusan Kmet for clients in Czech Republic, where he has built a solid network of contacts.

Dusan Kmet
age 28
Dusan is the head developer of Smartlook and takes care of the technical part of the project. He also has master’s degree from Faculty of Informatics, Brno University of Technology, same as Petr Janosik. Before Smartlook he was working with Petr, doing custom development of websites and IT systems for clients in Czech Republic. Next to coding he us also focused on UX and created the Smartlook UI. He is adopting new technologies very quickly and applies them in Smartlook. He is working with node.js, nette framework, java, javascript and many others. He rewrote the entire Smartlook backend, which now handles more than 200 million visitors every month.

Vladimir Sandera
age 28
Vladimir’s skills overlap partially with Petr’s, focusing on marketing, PR, business part of the project and user testing and feedback. He is pushing global expansion and localization in Smartlook. His good language skills and knowledge of English and French make him the ideal guy for the job. Vladimir is the master networker and famous startupist in Czech Republic. Previously he worked on project, for which he raised an investment of 80k €, won numerous awards and was accelerated in Starcube, the longest runnning accelerator in Czech Republic. He is also skilled in public speaking, promoting Smartlook at various events and conferences.

  • John Peterson

    Wow smartlook seems really good would be perfect companion with my current analytics using gostats.