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Social Taste: take orders from Facebook, website, or app

Social Taste

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 What is Social Taste, and what do you do?

Enables restaurants and other delivery/takeaway businesses getting their orders online through their Facebook page, their own website and their own, native, mobile apps that we build for them, starting from 19 € / mo

Who is your target user?

Restaurants, cafes and every business that offers takeaway and delivery

Why did you build Social Taste? What problem are you taking on?

Small businesses are unable to cope with the expenses for developing and maintaining a full online system that works in real-time, allows full management and administration, enables multiple channels for income and gives them the opportunity to work with their own system. Social Taste is white-label so their customers see it as the business’s system and the business is not required anymore to join marketplaces that may advertise their competitors.

How is Social Taste different from what is currently available?

Social Taste is extremely advanced compared to other white label platforms, is mature, offers a “never miss an order” warranty, and is very economic in terms of cost to the businesses.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

We created Social Taste as an online solution for a customer, starting in 2010. After many upgrades and enhancements, we found that we can develop it further so it can be used by other stores as well. With the extreme advancement of smartphones and mobile devices, we decided to make it available to other platforms so it can work as a turnkey solution to the businesses that need it.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

The founder of Social Taste is Theodore Batzakas, an entrepreneur with a 16 years experience in Internet and Web applications and services. Together with Theodore is complimented with 2 other developers and an account manager member that completes Social Taste team.

Where can people find out more?

Facebook Demo restaurant (Desktop):
iOS Demo App:
Google Play Demo restaurant app: