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Spektrum glasses: Stylishly protect your eyes from screens

Spektrum Glasses

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What are Spektrum glasses?

Spektrum glasses protect your eyes from use with electronic devices.

Spektrum glasses look just like normal glasses and are designed to be worn by anyone using a computer for hours a day. The north american uses a computer for more than eight hours a day.

Our eyes will get tired, some people experience headaches, watering of eyes, trouble sleeping late at night. The number of problems created by this goes on and on. Spektrum glasses are here to eliminate these problems for most people that cannot cut out the computer from their lives.

Using Spektrum glasses you will improve productivity and quality of life. Relieving a host of symptoms associated with over exposure to computers and blue light.

Why did you build Spektrum glasses? What problem are you taking on?

Spektrum glasses help your eyes relax, and relieves the stress put on them by computers, TV’s and smartphones.

They block blue light, something that has been shown to cause harm over long periods of exposure.

They help your body regulate it’s natural circadian rhythm, generally leading to better and easier night sleeps.

Allow your eyes to blink more as opposed to staying transfixed with the screen, relieving headaches and either watery or dry eyes.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

Spektrum glasses relieve stress on your eyes when using your computer, TV, tablet or phone.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Spektrum was established by two guys that just couldn’t get off their computers.

After being involved in the natural health industry, James Edwards and Sergei Kadach were introduced to the idea of blue light block glasses. After trying the glasses James and Sergei noticed the potential to help people with a product like this but all the products available were either of poor quality or design.

Spektrum was started to bring high quality glasses to working professionals. Glasses that you could use around the office and didn’t have to replace every month.