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SYUI: A quicker way to sell your used iPhones

SYUI (SellYourUsediPhones)

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 What is SYUI?

SYUI ( is a BuyBack service that deals exclusively in Apple Products. Customers simply select their device on the site, receive a quote, and place an order. Each order receives free shipping in the form of a prepaid shipping kit, or e-mailed Fedex label. Payment is issued within a day of the device arriving at SYUI. This entire process can take less than three days.

Who is your target user?

A variety of factors impact who we target as our end user. We’re geared for those who want to cash in on their device but don’t have the time or resources to sell on their own. Our niche is specific and is largely comprised of millennials, but this market can not be identified by demographics alone. We specifically identify those most likely to sell to a service like ours through a variety of measures, leading to a unique audience.

Why did you build SYUI? What problem are you taking on?

The used iPhone market is expected to be worth upwards of 14 Billion by 2017. With this surge in used iPhones comes massive waste, both in an economic and environmental standpoint. SYUI strives to limit this waste by providing simple, and profitable way for people to trade in their devices upon an upgrading.

How is SYUI different from what is currently available?

Currently, a few big names are vying for control of the Apple Buyback industry. Services such as e-bay and craigslist are an option, but they are characterized by a time consuming, committed means of selling. The first buyback sites entered this market as it grew in size, but because of high operating costs, they fall short in price. SYUI makes selling both simple and profitable.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

In Mid-2015, SYUI Founder and CEO, Eduardo Morales was looking for an online service to sell his used iPhone. When he realized the unfair and time consuming nature of available services, he was genuinely disappointed. Many sites offered very low prices, others required many unnecessary steps. Realizing selling online should be simple, SYUI was created. We knew we could limit the hassles of selling online by creating a simple process, while offering prices that people would actually be happy with.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Eduardo Morales left high school with enough AP Credit to be classified as a Junior. After a year managing a vigorous schedule at the University of Nevada (even taking 26 units in one semester) he realized that a College education was not suited for him. He began to pursue a path as an independent investor, and after some success, withdrew his funds to create a college fund for his younger siblings. In April 2015 Morales created SYUI, taking the position of CEO. Just weeks later, Morales called upon Matthew Starrett to join him in his venture. Starrett accepted. As a double major in Finance and Economics, Starrett brought to the table a laser focus on the business side of the company. Specializing in Marketing, Starrett is an optimum partner for someone like Morales. Together, they are determined to drive SYUI to the next level.