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TableAgent: Plug and play restaurant reservation system


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What is TableAgent?

TableAgent is easy to use, time-saving, web-based restaurant reservation system platform. No software to install, no monthly or per customer fees to pay.

Why did you build TableAgent? What problem are you taking on?

TableAgent is a free restaurant reservation system in the cloud offering restaurants an alternative to expensive reservation software currently available.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

It’s free. Revenue is generated from advertising, premium services, gift certificates sales, Groupon style offers, etc.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

I was the pioneer in restaurant reservations since 2002 when I started We were providing online reservations and concierge services for San Diego area restaurants.

Without any outside funding, I was able to grow the business from home office to a 2000sqf office with up to 10 employees at times and $500K annual revenues.

Since then, we heard from restaurants about their need for a better, ideally free reservation system. Restaurants dislike paying “per-customer” fees, especially for their “regulars.”

We built a beta (ColdFusion + SQL Server) of TableAgent in 2006 in and signed few customers. Unfortunately, it was too early as the needed technology was not there yet to make it a scalable and profitable project.

With the arrival or better technology and affordable cloud services such as AWS, I have decided to give it a shot and have been working on this project for almost two years. I have chosen Python/Django and MySQL for this project.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Currently, I’m a solo developer looking for co-founders, advisers and early employees. Definitely looking to built a team as this is not a one-person project.