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Tagmmer: A mix of Dropbox and Pinterest


Twitter-Logo Tagmmer: A mix of Dropbox and Pinterest

What is Tagmmer?

Tagmmer merges Dropbox with Pinterest.

In a few words, Tagmmer allows you to store, share or promote any file and any weblink in a visual place. Think of it as a personal, social library in the cloud for any content: web articles, blogs, eBooks, PDF, PPT, HD videos, Youtube videos, music, pictures, etc.

Who is your target user?

Tagmmer is a relevant solution for people who need to store and share any of their educational, professional or personal content in one visual place.

We have 3 main targets :
– Teachers and learners (high school teachers, MOOC/e-learning, etc.)
– Professional experts (webdesigners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc.)
– Individuals passionate about educational or cultural topics (and who need a multiformats curation platform for their personal use)

Why did you build Tagmmer?

With content of any type and of any format exploding globally, millions of people are now turning to new content management solutions to better organize what they read, watch, listen to, learn, or teach.

However, they face the same problem. Their content is still scattered everywhere: files in cloud services, weblinks in bookmarking services.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

We did realize that no place really allows us to centralize our content.

In one hand, our files are stored in cloud services like Dropbox, which are convenient but not visual, and they don’t allow storing weblinks.

On the other hand, our weblinks are usually stored in our favorites or in bookmarking services like Pinterest, which are visual, but they don’t allow file storage.

We are different from:
– Cloud services that don’t support weblinks,
– Bookmarking services that don’t support files.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Patricia (my cofounder) and I have always been deeply passionate about various educational or cultural topics, mainly for personal reasons. Prior to Tagmmer, we had a previous startup together and we used to collect a lot of content on various subjetcs: Youtube tutorials, high tech web articles, PPT presentations (from Slideshare), etc. But at the end of the road, we were frustrated to store our files on our computer or on Dropbox and our weblinks in our favorites (for myself) or on Pinterest (for Patricia). It was absolutely not convenient, especially when we needed to share content together. For instance, we used to share weblinks by email!

So we decided to build Tagmmer together in order to store and share any file and any weblink in a social and visual way.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Arnaud Ravel, CEO.
Patricia Oria, COO.
Ludovic Hindryckx, CTO.