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Rising Teen Journalist Takes Security Lesson From John McAfee

Demeter-McAfee Rising Teen Journalist Takes Security Lesson From John McAfeeNot even in college yet, Cleveland based Andrew Demeter has been making a name for himself. In 2014 his documentary We The People Genetically Modified won first place in C-SPAN’s StudentCam competition. It was on that trip to collect that award in Washington DC where he had an encounter with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that quickly went viral.

The ever inquisitive 16 year old at the time simply asked Pelosi “Why do you support the NSA’s illegal and ubiquitous data collection”. Of course he tripped Ms. Pelosi up with the question and admittedly felt naive thinking she would give him a straight answer. The journalist, who got his start interviewing family members at family gatherings, hopes to continue in a career of politically oriented journalism, and he’s well on the way.

He recently did an interview with John McAfee, the founder of McAfee anti-virus and advisor to Alabama startup space Round House, where McAfee was quick to educate the young man on the flaws in security only to find that Demeter agreed with most of McAfee’s points.

After his very notable escape from Belize, and living life on the lam, Mcafee along with his wife Janice have settled in Tennessee. McAfee is once again working on technology startups with Future Tense Central, Autonomous Armor and The Round House in Alabama. McAfee is also speaking and leading discussions at the upcoming H-Con conference in Alabama in April. 

Reminiscent to the 1980s when McAfee, albeit ahead of his time, started creating anti-virus software, McAfee sees big gaping holes in peoples privacy and security. In his interview with Teen Take host Demeter, McAfee echoes important lapses in security that he’s been talking about lately including the fact that 14 year old girls are using water proof smart phone cases to text in the shower, and apps, unbeknownst to them, have access to cameras. On a recent trip to Alabama McAfee brought up this point and was able to show off some games including King’s Candy Crush Saga, which ask for camera permissions when they don’t need it. The case in point is a wake up call heard loud and clear by McAfee partners Tom Gusinski and Kyle Sandler who both have young daughters with smart phones.

Demeter is no spring chicken when it comes to security and privacy. Even at 17 he knows that not only the NSA but private companies have access to way too much data and way to many intrusive technologies.

McAfee, who was back on the grind in Alabama just last week, is working on software and hardware solutions to protect modern day people from these horrible breaches in security. Take a few minutes to watch his interview with Demeter below. And if you want to see McAfee speak in person along with Nolan Bushnell, Brock Pierce and a slew of others, visit today.