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Telepathy: A Glass competitor about to hit the market

During Pepcom – a sort-of mini version of the Consumer Electronic Show the day before CES kicks off – we had the chance to check out a bunch of different products and companies. For whatever reason, there were a ton of wearable devices on display at the event. One of these devices, Telepathy, was pretty interesting.

Even though the hype may have died down a little after the Explorer program was shut down, Google Glass proved to be a wildly creative and useful product. Sure, there were a few shortcomings, but the value of the product is clear. During Pepcom, Abby had the chance to check out Telepathy, a product that is quite similar to Glass. Telepathy, however, has a noticeably smaller and less intrusive screen, and more flexible build allowing users to put it on just about any pair of glasses. What’s more, Telepathy is just about to launch to consumers, with no qualms or fears about stopping or limiting production of the device.

During Pepcom, we had a chance to speak with the team and to check out and demo the Telepathy device. Check it out: